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Additional literary services are offered  through our brand KPLA Consulting, including a bi-weekly newsletter delivered directly to your email inbox to keep you up-to-date and informed on publishing industry happenings. 

Services we offer include:

Ebook Conversion Services
With the growing demand of ebooks, publishers, as well as independent authors, are publishing their works in ebooks in formats like Kindle, Mobipocket, MS Reader, ePub, etc. The high quality and low cost ebook conversion service that we provide has helped many authors sell their ebooks on many ebook publishing websites and ebookstores.
We quickly convert manuscripts in Microsoft Word to Kindle, Mobipocket, MS reader, or any other format, regardless of the number of images or other complex formatting issues, and offer remarkably fast turn around times. You can expect to have your formatted ebook files in less than 72 hours.
This service is  at an affordable price of only $50 per manuscript, and includes 3 files, Mobi (for Kindle) Epub (Nook and other popular ereaders) and PDF.  Submitting your original file for conversion is easy. Just click here and complete the form.

Ebook Cover Design
A compelling cover is your very first marketing tool for your book. We work with you to develop a cover that represents both you and your work well. Our cover designs are created for ebook publication, therefore do not require a spine or back cover, yet images are produced in high quality, web appropriate resolutions.

Manuscript Critique
Our Manuscript Critique service provides authors with an honest and unbiased detailed review and evaluation of submitted works. Authors receive and overview and a detailed editorial sheet outlining our professional feedback. This service is priced at only $100 per manuscript, for manuscripts up to 300 formatted pages (double spaced, single-sided, size 12 Times New Roman or Courier fonts). Submitting your work is easy; just click here and complete the form. 

We offer four different levels of editing services, and it is important that you as an author understand the differences between them, so that you can better determine your editing needs. Each editing type is priced differently, as each requires varied levels of involvement.  Please review them below.

Developmental Edit - A developmental edit looks at your publication from a high level. Have you included all the important pieces? Are there parts that could be omitted or moved? Is the tone right for your audience? Is the point of view consistent? A developmental editor will ask questions that are better answered before your publication is offered to its audience. Developmental editing is the most costly of the three levels, however, it is critically important for a well-written manuscript.

Content Edit - A content editor provides specific and detailed feedback on the content of the work. Does it deliver what the author promises? Does the story make sense, it is realistic? Are there disconnects. Is the content whole and complete. 

Copy Edit - A copy editor goes through your publication from start to finish, improving grammar, syntax, and paragraph structure. The purpose of a copy edit isn't to make your work conform to some arbitrary set of composition rules. It makes your publication easier to read. No publication should ever go out the door without one.

Proofreading - Proofreading is the final quality check of your publication. The purpose of the proofread is to catch the small things the copy edit might have missed: stray punctuation, misspellings, incorrect homophones and homonyms, etc. It's another essential step for a polished publication.Our price structure for editing services is based the type of editing needed, the size of the work, and how much work is required. This factors vary greatly between authors, therefore, a consultation is necessary before we take on any editing project. Setting up a consultation is easy.  Just click here and complete the form. 

Additional Services