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KPLA Kindred

KPLA Kissed

101 Ways to Lose a Good Man Without Cheating on Him 
After You've Done All You Can 
At Last I Bloom 
Before I Let Go 
The Black Church in America
Bubblin' Brown Sugar 
Building a Great House 
Chocolate Dove
Confessions of a Preacher's Wife
Dead From the Start
Different is All the Same 
Everybody in the Church Ain't Saved 
A Fool and Her Honey
Fruit of my Womb 
Get It and Get It Again
Getting Lucky
Gift to the Eye and More
God Sisters
Good Money
Happily Never After
I Brought it on Myself
Illusion of Love
Inside Out 
Intimate Betrayal
Lisa's Dress
Little Hurt Ain't Never Hurt Nobody
Living Right on Wrong Street
Lord is Boaz Lost or Am I in the Wrong Field
Love is Simple, Forever is Tricky
Man of the House/Woman of the House
Marriage Mayhem
Mile High Confessions
Ms. Understood
Mystery of a Woman
Ninety-Nine and a Half Just Won't Do
Peony's Daughters
Perfect Shoe
Pieces of a Man
Pressing for the Prize
The Price of Sin
Promise You Won't Tell Nobody
Someone Else's Puddin
Spoonful of Sugar
Table for Three
That Moment When
Three Chords and the Truth
The Twelve Brothers
Virgin Widow
What They Didn't Know
When Vows are Broken

Kissed Publications and Literary Agency publishes works under the following imprints:

Womens Fiction:

Stories of relationships, love and life experiences
This imprint features stories centered around relationships, love, and life experiences, and touches the hopes, dreams, challenges and fears of women today, in a practical and relatable way. 

Christian Fiction:

Stories that entertain and edify
This imprint features stories that entertain, edify, inspire and encourage readers, while clearly conveying, without preaching, that God is the one and only solution.  

Christian Non-Fiction:
Works featured in this imprint embrace and promote Kingdom principles for life improvement. They are primarily based on biblical studies and/or application.

This imprint features general non-fiction works that promote knowledge, growth and life improvement.

Works featured in this imprint are written for children, or by authors who are children.

Kingdom Principled Life Abundance

KPLA Kingdom

Kindness, Peace, Love, Acceptance

KPLA Knowledge

KPLA Publishing

Knowledge, Power, Learning, Action

King's Presence Lovingly Assures 

Kids Producing Literary Adventures 

Titles & Authors